Dr. Kelly Upcott N.D. has been extremely instrumental in my health care the last number of years. I started seeing her when I was struggling to find out what was causing my debilitating and ever declining health. In the long process of testing and consults with multiple medical specialists, she was very supportive in attempting to manage my symptoms with the use of individualized supplements, acupuncture, stress support, compassion and understanding to assist me in seeking a return to better health. With the inability to get the answers of why my health was continually deteriorating, the search for more extensive testing was started. It was through Dr. Upcott that I received the appropriate tests and was finally given an answer. Unfortunately, Lyme disease was the diagnosis.

This diagnosis of Lyme disease and coinfections is filled with politics, preconceived notions of treatment and difficulties to receive proper medical care. Dr. Upcott and her extensive knowledge was what finally gave me a sense of hope in regaining a healthy life.

It was her willingness to work with a Lyme literate medical doctor to co-manage my care that gave me the greatest confidence in her ability to help. She is very dedicated to her patients, constantly educating herself in diseases and treatments through extra courses, seminars, and collaborating with other medical professionals both in western and alternative medicine. To better manage my care, if she doesn’t know the answers, she seeks them out.  She listens intently and takes the time sorting through symptoms to assist in blending the multiple treatments into an individualized plan of care.

Her dedication and education in my disease and treatment based on my individual symptoms is what makes Dr. Kelly an amazing naturopath.

The wisdom, encouragement and understanding received are key reasons why I highly recommend seeking care from Dr. Kelly.

S.W. Cottam, Ontario