Iam 18 years old and have been seeing Dr. Upcott for my symptoms related to Lyme Disease for the past 2 years. Last winter I decided to see her for acupuncture related to pain from Lyme Disease.  I was worried at first but Dr. Upcott explained everything in detail so I was comfortable and knew what to expect. After the first appointment, I saw immediate and effective results that I have never experienced with any treatment before. I have tried reflexology, physical therapy, hot baths, pain medication, and massage therapy but nothing has been as effective or long lasting as the results I see from acupuncture. I saw a massive improvement in my pain and after a few appointments I began to see a decrease in my inflammation comparable to heavy arthritis medication.  I also saw improvements in my circulation which was new. Acupuncture has also been an effective detox treatment and has enabled me to progress much quicker through my antibiotic treatments.

I have found acupuncture to be an effective medication free treatment for pain.

She does a great job at treating the person both physically and mentally. I would recommend Dr. Upcott to anyone experiencing any type of pain or illness as she as she has given me the ability to do the things I love despite my illness.

G.G. Chatham, Ontario