See attached Adult and Pediatric Intake forms.

Please download, fill out, and bring the appropriate form to your next appointment.

Adult Intake Form (Word Document)

Adult Intake Form (PDF option)

Pediatric Intake Form (Word Document)

Pediatric Intake Form (PDF option)

Visitation Fees

Visits Time Cost
Adult (19+) Initial Visit 60-90 minutes $175
Pediatric Initial Visit 60-90 minutes $135
Adult (19+) Follow-up Visit 30 minutes $65
Pediatric Follow-up Visit 30 minutes $50
(Billable as a Naturopathic Service)
30 minutes $65
Immune Boosters $20
B12 Injections $15

Regarding Benefits: We do not direct bill, but most visit fees are covered by benefit plans.
Please check with your benefit provider.

Lab Testing-Fees

Hair Analysis Screening
Measures levels for 45 essential and toxic elements, and heavy metals
Hair Toxic Metal & Mineral Analysis $125
IgG Food Intolerance Blood Test
To test for food sensitivities/intolerances
120 foods $275
200 foods $380
150 vegetarian panel $300
Candida with IgG Add $60
Candida screen on own Add $90
Dutch Testing
Dried urine test for comprehensive hormone study
Dutch Complete-
A comprehensive assessment of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, adrenal hormones and their metabolites. It also includes daily cortisol patterns, metabolized cortisol readings, organic acids and melatonin levels.
Dutch Adrenal Assessment-
Provides free cortisol patterns that parallel saliva testing with the addition of the metabolite measurements for an improved marker of total cortisol production.
Dutch Sex Hormone Assessment-
Provides a measurement of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone as well as their metabolites. This test is useful in monitoring hormone therapies and is also useful for baseline measurements.
Numerous Blood Tests Available Varies by Panel

Tax:  Lab Fees do not include HST
Payment Options: Visa/MC/Debit/Cash/Cheque