The goal is to understand my patients and all the factors which impact his/her health. The first visit is 60-90 minutes, during which time I will take an in-depth patient history including chief complaints, family history, past medical history, diet history and a review of all systems. In addition, I may perform a physical exam and lab tests to assist in making an assessment and diagnosis. New patient intake forms must be filled out and brought to the first visit. If you have had any tests or lab work completed in the last 12 months, copies of those may also be brought to the first visit. A personal treatment plan will then be prepared for you.
A minimum of 7 years’ post-secondary education is required. Most NDs first complete a four-year Bachelor’s degree in the arts or sciences, and then the required four-years at an accredited naturopathic medical college. Students must then pass comprehensive licensing exams to be registered to practice.
Excellent! Prevention is the best medicine so having a naturopathic wellness check will be able to build on your current health status.
In a nutshell…everyone. Naturopathic patients range from infants to the elderly, manual labour workers to office professionals, pregnant woman to athletes.
OHIP does not cover your fees but most benefit packages include naturopathic medicine. This will include all or a portion of your visit fees, and occasionally all or a portion of your lab fees. You can contact your benefit provider for more details. We do not direct bill, so you pay at the time of your service and your benefit provider will reimburse you directly.