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Warming Socks Treatment

This procedure should be used at the first sign of any congestion in the eyes, ears, sinus, throat, or lungs. It has also been used effectively for headaches and a variety of other conditions. Try

Skin Brushing

Your skin, aside from being one of your organs of detoxification, is also the 2nd largest organ in your body.  Oftentimes, it appears to be the first to show degeneration or imbalances and the last


Iam 18 years old and have been seeing Dr. Upcott for my symptoms related to Lyme Disease for the past 2 years. Last winter I decided to see her for acupuncture related to pain from

Lyme Disease

Dr. Kelly Upcott N.D. has been extremely instrumental in my health care the last number of years. I started seeing her when I was struggling to find out what was causing my debilitating and ever

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In February of 2007, I embarked on a life-altering journey. I was going to the office of a naturopath, Dr. Kelly Upcott. I had been ill with a condition that is sometimes called myalgic encephalomyelitis

Range of Ailments Healed

Ifirst sought treatment from Dr. Kelly for fertility struggles back in my mid 20’s. Now, ten years later, with two amazing children, Dr. Kelly has remained our family’s primary doctor helping us through issues that range